Free home delivery

Free home delivery

Free home delivery of premium dog and cat food

At Husse Ireland, we provide the best possible service to our customers.
We offer free home delivery of quality dog and cat food – it doesn’t get easier than that.

Home delivery makes it simpler for you – no more going home laden down with heavy pet food bags. Now you can spend more time at home with your family and pets.

Finding the right quality dog food or cat food online can be troublesome – not with Husse.
Using our web shop means your order is placed within minutes and our 72 hour delivery process is started.

Husse Ireland provides free home delivery of pet food when the value of your order is more than €30. For lower orders we charge a VAT inclusive shipping fee of only €5.

Husse is high-quality - our food is not bulked with needless cheap fibres, meaning digestibility is high, so there are lower feed rates and less mess to clear up.
Our natural supplements further enhance digestibility, protect against disease and improve organ function. That’s excellent nutrition and healthy supplements!

Completely balanced, Husse pet food has everything your dog and cat might need for a healthy lifestyle from puppy or kitten to senior. We have also specialised products for overweight pets, older pets and those with stomach or skin sensitivity.

Be sure to also order treats, treatment products and accessories for your pal and, of course, you will receive these with our free delivery system.

Free dog food home delivery

Like humans, dogs need to eat well to stay healthy and feel good,
Dogs don’t buy health magazines nor spend time discussing health-related issues,
They gladly eat everything they think tastes good. This means that the responsibility for the well-being of dogs ends up with owners. If dogs chose what  and how much they were going to eat from the wide variety available, they would soon be overweight  and subject to obesity-related illnesses.

So, what food to choose for your dog?
Many different factors come into play, including the age of the dog, its breed, possible allergies, diseases and stomach problems and how active it is naturally The food also needs to taste good for the dog to want to eat it.
If you are unsure as to what kind of food your dog is going to like, you can order a Husse free sample before buying a larger bag. You can also send in a message to one of our Nutrition Specialist, asking for tips and advice on what is best for your dog.

At Husse, you will find a broad range of differing types of food needed for your dog – everything from grain-free or gluten-free to specially adapted feed for castrated dogs.
If you spend more than €30, you also qualify for free home delivery of Husse. Larger quantities are more economic with home delivery and remove the need to transport heavy bags. We can deliver up to 30Kg from a single order.
Online shopping at Husse has never been easier. Click on the food your dog wants and have it delivered directly to your door, so more time with your family or pets.

Free cat food home delivery

We want to make your everyday life easier by offering home delivery of cat food. We know that the puzzle of daily life can sometimes contain lots of pieces and that it's easy to forget something.

Perhaps you arrive home carrying the heavy shopping and your cat is gazing innocently up at you and you remember you forgot to buy the cat food? That is when the service we offer you is worth its weight in gold.
You can choose between a wide range of Husse cat foods, both wet and dry. You won’t forget them, because we will have already delivered them, We are just a phone call or an online click away.

If you need help choosing the right feed for your cat, we are always happy to assist. Cats differ and need different types of food. Some cats may have sensitive stomachs or skins, may be overweight, have urinary problems (more prevalent in neutered males) or have a sedentary lifestyle.
Outdoor cats need more energy than those kept indoors. Indoor cats benefit from using our superb clumping cat litter.

So, if you want to be in your kitty’s good books – even if you forgot to buy food – we’re here with prompt nation-wide delivery, a wide range of cat food and personal service.
You can also order free samples from us to see what tickles your kitty’s taste buds.