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Welcome to Husse! We are specialists in food and nutritional science. We offer the highest quality food for your dog and cat. Our knowledge is your reassurance that your dog and cat get the food best attuned to their needs.
And we home deliver our products to you completely free!

Unsure what product is best for your pet? At Husse, we are only too happy to help you! Don’t hesitate to contact your local Husse agent by emailing or telephoning and talking with our specialists at Husse. We want you to find the right product for your pet that matches its breed, age, weight, activity level and state of health.

Husse’s local agents provide you with reliable security and knowledge. They are selected to provide personal contact, top service and a close customer relationship.
You are always our highest priority, and our agents work hard to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our service, home delivery and most of all our products.
Our customers display great loyalty and have been coming back to us for many years thanks to the very good relationship they have built with our agents.
We know that, if you are 100% satisfied with our products and service, you are much more likely to recommend us to other cat and dog owners.