Natural Swedish superfoods for pets

Dry Food Professional

Dog age
  1. Puppy
  2. Adult
Special needs
  1. Overweight
Special ingredient
  1. balanced nutrition
  2. calcium
  3. cell protect
  4. chicken based
  5. coat
  6. energy control
  7. flora stimule
  8. growth dog
  9. immune system
  10. mobility
  11. omega3
  12. omega6
Product Line
  1. - N/A -
  2. Grain Free (Dog)
  3. PRO (Dog)
Dietary Benefit
  1. Energy control
  2. Energy plus
  3. Flora stimule
  4. Mobility

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  1. PRO VALP pup food

    Complete food for growing puppies and nursing bitches. Suitable as a starter for puppies from 4 weeks old A complete food right through to to adulthood. Also ideal for pregnant and nursing bitches. Can be fed to bitch from 42 days of pregnancy. 20 kilogram bag - that's just €2.70 per kilo home-delivered. Ideal for breeders.
  2. PRO GIANT - 20Kg bag

    Complete food for giant breed dogs. The size of the kibble is adapted for optimal intake in large breeds. Moderate energy content specially formulated. Contains taurine for heart muscles. With Chondroitin and Glucosamin to protect cartilage, improving joint care. Supplemented with Omega 3 and 6 for immunity and skin and coat quality. Larger bag means better value at just €2.90 per Kg with free home delivery.
  3. PRO LIGHT/SENIOR - large bag

    Complete food for less active dogs, overweight dogs, or dogs that tend to gain weight quickly. Has low calorie content. Also ideal for aging dogs.Contains natural supplements for joint care.Keeps your dog in good shape and helps maintain a healthy lifestyle when used in conjunction with a suitable exercise program. Always feed Pro Light to your dog's target weight - not his/her actual weight - ask your Vet. 20 Kg bag means lower cost and less ordering trouble. Home delivered.

    Complete food for normal active dogs.
  5. Basic dog

    A Complete feed for dogs that will give your dog all the nutrients it requires. This bag comes in 15kg.

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